What is BelTheatre?

BelTheatre is Belgrade English Language Theatre, a theatre company 'for and by' young people where all of the workshops, rehearsals and performances take place in English.

What does BelTheatre do?

BelTheatre's aim is two-fold. Firstly it is to give young people in Belgrade the opportunity to explore and to reach their creative potential through a quality theatre arts experience.

Secondly it is to help young people become fluent and confident with their English Language.

All children will of course learn English at school but while this gives them a basic knowledge of grammar what we have found is that many young people feel self-conscious when trying to speak. BelTheatre's unique approach helps children overcome their self-consciousness and even start having fun with and in English!

To achieve all of this, the company holds weekly drama classes with a native English speaking theatre director and pedagogue at the Children's Cultural Centre, Belgrade.

Do I need to be able to speak English?

In order to make the most of these classes we do require that young people arrive with a basic understanding of spoken English but of course exactly what this means is assessed by our staff on a child-by-child basis.

Where is BelTheatre based?

BelTheatre is based at Belgrade's Children's Cultural Centre, Takovska 8.

Will I be famous?

A proportion of BelTheatre participants will go on to drama colleges and be seen on television and stage however, BelTheatre is not about producing 'stars' as such; the company's primary concern is with supporting the development of social, creative and language skills in every young person it reaches.

Any other questions?

If you can't find the answer you're looking for here please email us at belgradeenglishlanguagetheatre@gmail.com and we'll get back to you with an answer and post it up on the website.

What happens in the weekly classes?

For the younger participants (8 - 10 years), the classes provide an introduction to drama through games, improvisations and stories.Members are encouraged to develop their self-expression and to explore their imaginations in a fun and lively atmosphere.

For those 10-12 tutor-led improvisation and drama games help participants develop skills such as character and narrative development, voice and movement. Participant input is very important and the ideas of the participants will inspire much of the group's work.

In our senior groups for 13-18 year olds, we provide a wide-ranging dramatic experience with work increasingly focussing on the skills of theatre making as well as performing in a number of different styles.

Finally, most participants find that the classes are great fun and a good place to meet new friends with similar interests.

How long are the classes?

Class run in line with the school year: from September to June and also follow the general school holiday schedule.

Each group meets for a total of two and a half hours per week, one class being for one and a half hours the other being one hour.

For details of the groups we have and the schedule please go to our join us page

How much do the classes cost?

Classes cost 12000 dinars per trimester (12 weeks/30 hours of classes), payable within one months of receipt of the bill.

How old do I have to be to join a class?

We currently run classes for young people aged 8 to 18 years. For details of the different groups we have and the schedule of classes please go to our join us page.

How do I apply to join?

As you can imagine, our classes are very popular and spaces are limited. Priority is given to existing and returning members so the best way to apply is to contact us directly and we will be able to let you know if we have spaces available or whether you will be put on our interest list.

If you are on our interest list, you will be contacted on a first come first served basis if and when spaces become available.

If you interested in joining please telephone Paul Murray on 064 586 2936.

What if I decide that I wish to leave?

If for whatever reason you wish to leave classes we will expect at least one month's notice.

Can my friends and family come and see me perform?

Each year each participant will have the chance to perform in at least one major performance in one of the two large performance spaces at the Children's Cultural Centre.

In alignment with out overall philosophy our aim is to produce performances which give each participant as equal as possible amount of time on stage. Of course this is not an exact science and performance opportunities will be judged on a child-by-child basis depending, among other things on their level of confidence and interest from each young person.

Do I have to audition for performances?

No, all members of BelTheatre will take a part in the show.

How do I pay for classes?

All fees are administrated by the Children's Cultural Centre and are payable via printed bill or via the DKC website. Please follow this link if you wish to pay online.