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As a fully inclusive group BelTheatre does not audition for places. The only requirement for membership is a basic knowledge of English and bags of enthusiasm! The number of places available is limited however with priority given current and returning members. New members are welcomed as and when spaces become available with a maximum number of around 15 young people per group. If spaces are not available when you wish to join we will put your name on our waiting list and contact you as soon as a chance to join us becomes available.

Fees are administrated directly by the Children’s Cultural Centre. The cost of membership is 12000 din per trimester and each trimester lasts 12 weeks (a total of 30 hours of classes).

The dates of the three trimesters for the 2014/15 school year are:

 Semester One:                     September the 1st to November the 21st

Semester Two:                    November the 24th to March the 6th

Semester Three:                 March the 9th to June the 5th

 These dates allow for the national holidays at New Year and Easter. Any classes missed because of National One-Day holidays will be made up for through extra classes and/or rehearsals for performances.

 On joining you will be required to complete a contract with the Children’s Cultural Centre and will receive from them a printed bill each trimester to be paid within one month



BelTheatre currently has nine groups:

Tots 1 ages 6-8
 Tots 2 ages 6 to 8
Juniors 1 ages 8 to 10
Juniors 2 ages 8 to 10
Seniors 1                      ages 10 to 12          
Seniors 2 ages 12 to 14
Seniors 3                ages 13 to 15
Advanced 1    ages 15 to 16
Advanced 2 ages 16+


 The regular meeting times are as follows:

Monday Tots 1 (18-19) Juniors 1 (19-20) Seniors 1 (19:30-21) Advanced 1 (21-22)  
Tuesday Tots 2 (18-19) Juniors 2 (19-20) Seniors 2 (19:30-21) Advanced 2 (21-22)  
Wednesday Tots 1 (18-19) Juniors 1 (19-20:30) Seniors 1 (19:30-20:30) Seniors 3 (20-21) Advanced 2 (20:30-22)
Thursday Tots 2 (18-19) Juniors 2 (19-20:30) Seniors 2 (19:30-20:30) Advanced 1 (20:30-22)  
Friday     Seniors 3 (20-21:30)