Past Productions

Tongue Tied II

More trouble with the tip of the tongue and the top of the teeth!

Sherlock’s Last Case

The great Mr Holmes wishes to go into retirement to concentrate on his violin talents, but unfortunately other people have got other ideas!

The Miracle by Liz McCoglan

After a flood in the town a young girl (Ron) finds that not only is there a statue of St Anthony on her bedroom but she's now got the ability to sense what people need. She with the help of her friend Zelda begins to use her power to help people.

Chocolate Rain

An all-action spy story in which Jane Bond tries to save the world’s secret weapon from inter-galactic visitors.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

The group chose their favourite 14 sketches from the famous British export to perform live: everything from Parrots to Yorkshiremen!

The Old Woman and the Pig

Based on an old nursery rhyme, in this play we see the trials and tribulations one woman faces in trying to get her new pig home from the market.

Here is the News

A series of very random events are put together to show just how random events are!

Donkey Moon

A pair of eco-warriors try to rescue all the hard-working donkeys from the palace, but there plans end up going up in smoke!

Murder Mystery

“I am not Brian, I am Hercule Poirot.” We think we are watching a play about the world-famous Belgian (not French) detective, but not all is what is seems!

The Surprise Birthday Party

Is there anything worse than people forgetting your birthday?


Parallel worlds. Is everyone crazy? Or is it the rest of them?

Tongue Tied

A show about the news, in which the script is made up from famous English tongue twisters.